Seven Colors of Music - Blue
Seven Colors of Music

Blue is Love in Form

I am lifted on Wings of Song
To a place beyond the cares of the world.
Everything is good and right here.
Sunlight shines through the window;
I am happy and content.

Here heart energy is shaped
Into beauty; into form easily accessed.
Simply by experiencing them
I am lifted toward the Divine.

Here there is perfect Order and Structure,
Harmony and Simplicity;
Peace through Equality,
A place of clearness and serenity.

The four upper colors are each about Love in some way. The opened heart experiences earthly love in a balanced give and take. After a while the opened heart starts to become sensitive to higher forms of Love which manifest as Beauty and Truth. Beauty is primordial love energy made visual or aural. Truth is love energy experienced intellectually. At a deep level they are the same thing.

The heart that appreciates truth and beauty in form is experiencing the energy we are naming Blue. Whether that form be a painting, a symphony, or the mathematics of relativity or quantum mechanics, the soul is lifted to a higher place. The heart’s awareness begins to expand, to sense the possibility of unseen and unknown influences.

The realization of higher influences inspires beings with intelligence toward higher ethical behavior: honesty, responsibility, kindness, respect, etc. In terms of society, the ideal we call democracy is a striving toward implementing equality and fairness in societal structures.

The quest for truth motivates a Blue person’s life. He is a student of philosophy, at an amateur level at least. She loves independent thought and original ideas. She listens to other people’s opinions even if she doesn’t agree with them.

Corinne Heline writes, "The Blue ray is a force direct from lifts, exalts and inspires one toward even greater heights of endeavor and attainment. Green reaches outward; Blue lifts upward."1

Blue music has a deliberateness and a simplicity that encapsulate its power. Most often, the tempo is moderate or slow. There is often a recognizable, singable melody; a beautiful one. Think Shubert’s Ave Maria or Bach’s Air on the G String, or Beethoven’s Sonata No. 8. Deliberateness, purity, simplicity and structure by themselves are not sufficient to create Blue power, but they do seem to be necessary to convey that power. Whereas Green music is entirely at the heart level, Blue involves the intellect to some extent, or at least it awakens a higher awareness. Blue carries an intent that is not found in Green. When you hear blue music, if you are sensitive you will feel the depth of the longing for wisdom.

All the great composers contributed to the repertory of Blue energy music. Frederic Chopin perhaps typifies this genre in that so many of his piano pieces radiate the serene beauty that he is known for. Corinne Heline wrote that his primary color as a composer was a “mystic blue”.2

Chakra: vishuddhi (throat)

Blue Examples


Bach St. John Passion / Chorale no. 11; chorale no. 26; chorale no. 28
Cantata 140 / first chorus and chorale
Sheep May Safely Graze (Cantata 208)
Air on the G string
Prelude in C from Well-tempered Clavier
Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata / I
Sonata 8 / II
Symphony 7 / II (Allegretto)
Chopin Etude Op. 10 no. 3
Grieg Solveig’s Song
Handel Largo
Messiah / How Beautiful are the feet; He Shall Feed His Flock
Minuet from Berenice
Haydn St. Anthony Chorale
Liszt Liebestraum no. 3
Mascagni Cavalleria Rusticana / Intermezzo, Easter Hymn
Mendelssohn On Wings of Song
Mozart Missa Solemnis / Sanctus
Don Giovanni / La Ci Darem La Mano
Rimsky-Korsakov Song of India
Rubenstein Melody in F
Schubert Ave Maria


Elton JohnSomeone Saved My Life Tonight (1975)
Joe BrooksYou Light Up My Life (1977)

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