Seven Colors of Music - Indigo
Seven Colors of Music

Indigo is Love without Form

The Angels now lift me through the dimensions
To where the vastness of the Cosmos
Is shown in all its grandeur.
I am immersed in the infiniteness
Of divine Creation.

Structureless, unlimited by form,
Love and beauty beyond comprehension.
My own divinity becomes apparent;
I am one with All That Is.
I am overcome by the poignant majesty.
Praise and Gratitude for this great gift!

Indigo represents a deepening of the Blue state, to full awareness of the Infinite. The quest for Truth has ended. We experience the depth and wonder of Divinity. It is a different kind of experience of Divine Love than Blue is; more mysterious and unfathomable. We encounter love unlimited and undefined. We feel the infinite depth of the Mystery, the Truth that is unspeakable in words. In the magical high plane of Indigo I know without any doubt that I am Divine, that I am Light.

Corrine Heline, in her book Healing and Regeneration Through Color, described several images that purportedly were of thought forms in the higher realms that inspired certain musical works. One of these was the sublime Prelude to Act I of Lohengrin, by Wagner:

(The image) revealed hosts of angels grouped around an ethereal white cup standing like a luminous, transparent lily. As the celestial music soared to its mighty climax, there appeared a golden sun, filled by Sun Beings, who poured golden rays upon the angelic hosts as they stood in adoration, with uplifted hands to receive this sparkling, golden effulgence which they in turn focused on the lily cup as a love gift to humanity.1

This music is deep. The level of intent, wonder and majesty is in indescribable. A comment from a listener of Mozart’s Laudate Dominum on YouTube reads “This music goes so much farther than any words that could possibly be attached to it. If there is a god, it speaks through Mozart in this music, which is forever and infinitely beyond religion, words, or human thoughts.”

Indigo is rarer than Blue, but still may be found among the works of the major European composers. There seem to be several levels of Indigo music. Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus is just beyond Blue energy. The Kyrie Eleisons in Bach’s B Minor Mass are middle level, while the Sucepit Israel from Bach’s Magnificat is high Indigo, almost into Violet.

To listen to Indigo music and really hear it is a humbling experience and a profoundly uplifting one, that raises the soul to a higher level. It may take several listenings to completely tune in to the energy of an Indigo work, especially high level Indigo.

Indigo music can be in either a major or minor key. The tempo is always slow and the simple deliberateness is evident.

Bach, Mozart, Brahms and Wagner stand out as persons who successfully brought the Indigo quality into form. Wagner’s preludes from Lohengrin, Tristan and Isolde, and Parsifal are especially exquisite and imbued with a high sense of sacredness.

Chakra: Ajna (third eye)

Indigo Examples

Bach St. John Passion / chorales “O Grosse Lieb”; “Dein Will gescheh”, “Petrus, der nicht”,
“Christus der uns selig macht”., “Ach grosser Konig”
B minor Mass / Kyrie Eleison (first and second), Et Incarnatus Est, Dona Nobis Pacem
Handel Messiah / Behold the Lamb of God; Surely, Surely
Holst The Planets / Neptune
Mahler Symphony 10 / I
Mozart Ave Verum Corpus
Magic Flute / March of the Priests
Laudate Dominum from Vesperae Solennes de Confessore
Wagner Lohengrin / Prelude to Act I
Parsifal / Prelude to act I; “Good Friday music”
Tristan and Isolde / Prelude to Acts I and III
Tristan and isolde / Liebestod (Act III finale)

1  Heline, Healing and Regeneration Through Color, p. 38.

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