Seven Colors of Music - Bibliography
Seven Colors of Music


1  Scott, Cyril, Music: Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages. Samuel Weiser Inc., New York, 1958

This early study skirts around the problem of power in music and looks at it from all directions, getting close to the heart of the matter in a few places. The author, besides being a musician, is clearly a musical intuitive and mystic with knowledge of music’s esoteric aspects.

2  Tame, David, The Secret Power of Music. Destiny Books, Rochester VT, 1984

An exploration of the mystical aspect of music. Includes detailed histories of Chinese and Indian music. The author's dislike of any music from later than about 1880 appears constantly throughout the book, but there still are many valuable insights. There is a very brief section (p. 221-224) relating color to musical notes that seems very arbitrary and contrived, especially since two different theories are given.

3  Godwin, Joscelyn, Harmonies of Heaven and Earth. Inner Traditions International, Rochester VT

Another book on the mysticisms of music. Very comprehensive; she includes pretty much everything.

4  Leland, Kurt, Music and the Soul. Hampton Roads Inc, Charlottesville VA, 2005.

A lengthy study in the soul-music connection. Much of the classification scheme and the relation to the chakras seems arbitrary. The eight categories are referred to by number, not color.

5  Nash, John, The Soul and its Destiny. Author House, Bloomington IN, 2004.

A detailed and 'factual' exposition of the nature of the soul and evolution, outside of traditional religious thought. It borrows heavily from Theosophy. You can appreciate some of its more general statements without buying into the detailed framework it presents.

6  Hoffman, Natasha and Hill, Hamilton, Let The Standing Stones Speak. O Books, Winchester U.K., 2004

Purports to be a channeled message from the Archangels. It has the ring of revealed truth very strongly and is greatly recommended. The chapter on 'The Journey of the Soul' is relevant to this study.

7  James, Jamie, The Music Of The Spheres. Copernicus/Springer-Verlag, New York, 1995

A history of the idea of universal harmony--that music is a reflection, or possibly a cause, of a simple and logical Cosmic Order.

8  Heline, Corrine, Color and Music in the New Age. De Vorss & Co., Marina del Ray, CA, 1964

Corrine Heline studied esoteric aspects of color and music, and purportedly received revealed teachings intuitively. This book is a compendium of facts and wisdom covering everything from the activities of archangels to the esoteric meanings of Wagner's operas. The section called "The Spectrum and the Human Aura" presents qualities associated with the seven colors. The book was published in 1964, long before most other authors started writing metaphysical books.

9  Heline, Corrine, Healing and Regeneration through Music / Color. De Vorss, Marina del Ray, CA

This short book is another collection of thoughts relating to music and color mysticism. Assigns specific colors to different composers, for example, and tells of wonderful visions associated with some of the great musical works. Whether she saw these herself, she doesn't say, but they are fascinating. As in the previous work there is a brief chapter giving spiritual qualities of the rainbow colors ("The Spiritual Significance of the Spectrum").

10  Heline, Corrine, The Esoteric Music of Richard Wagner. New Age Press, Santa Monica, CA

Wagner as a messenger of the Mysteries. Goes through his works in detail.

11  Bassano, Mary, Healing with Music and Color. Samuel Weiser, York Beach, ME. 1992.

Possibly the first book associating musical works with the seven rainbow colors.

12  Babbitt, Edwin, Principles of Light and Color. Kessinger Publishing. Original published in 1878.

Includes some useful esoteric insights into light and color.

13  Ousley, S.G.J., The Power of the Rays. Health Research, Pomeroy WA, 1976 (first published 1951).

An early treatment of the use of the rainbow colors in healing. Does not mention music but ascribes qualities to the seven colors.

14  Gardner, Kay, Sounding the Inner Landscape. Element Books Inc., Rockport MA, 1997

Kay Gardner is a feminist New Age composer, performer and workshop leader. The book is a potpourri of ideas relating to the power of sound and music. The color-note correlation is mentioned briefly (and more accurately than in any other book) (pp 13, 26). Ms. Gardner is the composer of "The Rainbow Path" which consists of several movements, each relating to one of the chakras.

15  Redstone, Julie, Teaching the Heart To Sing. Uni*Sun, Kansas City, 1987.

A channeled message from 'the collective mind of the archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel' .

16  Leland, Kurt, The Unanswered Question: Death, near-Death and the Afterlife. N

17  Pollack, Michael, Have We Really Lived Before, href=

18  An on-line report about the book Soul Survivor, about a boy thought to be the reincarnation of a World War II pilot.

19  Montgomery, Ruth, The World Before Ballantine Books, New York, 1976.

Channeled teachings on the early history of planet Earth and its people.

20  Dowsett, Eric, The Moment That Matters (self-published – ISBN 064633232, 1996)

Tapping the intuition, from a dowsing perspective ('dowsing' in its most general sense).

21  Campbell, Don, The Mozart Effect Harper, New York, 1997.

About the many powers of music.

22  Lingerman, Hal, The Healing Energies of Music Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton IL, 1983.