Seven Colors of Music - Afterword
Seven Colors of Music


There are many, many kinds of energies and emotions and we experience a lot of them every day. We can even experience several of the pure energies in one day, and they are all equally important. But you might still have a few favorites. Orange with its joy and brightness is a favorite of many. Yellow is empowering; Green is empowering in a different way. We go into Blue or Indigo for a short time to feel inspired and uplifted, but we balance it with the more “worldly” energies. Violet takes us out of the present, and being in it for more than very brief periods would probably not be conducive to living effectively. Indigo and violet music are sacred gifts and must be treated with the greatest respect. They deserve complete concentration, with no distractions of any kind, since normal reality is temporarily suspended.

Knowing the true nature of the seven colors sheds new “light“ on the chakra system of the body. What’s important to remember is that the essence of each chakra is a pure emotion, or more accurately a state of being. The chakras have secondary attributes of a more worldly nature.

The crown “chakra” on the top of the head is, strictly speaking, not a color chakra, but rather an entry portal for white light, which contains all the colors. As the light descends, the prism of the body separates out the various colors.

Healing with music and color is a large topic in itself and the Bibliography lists several books devoted to that practice.